OutsourceBiz Partnership Opportunities

OutsourceBiz strives continuously to improve its service offerings and extend its market reach. Through strategic alliances, we look to create mutually beneficial relationships with our partners in two key arenas:

Service Partners

Service partners allow us to improve existing service offerings and extend into new service areas. By combining our core competencies with the competencies of our partnering organization, we are able to bring exciting, new, and cohesive solutions to market. Such partnerships can also create opportunities for joint marketing efforts to secure new clients as well as offer improved services to existing clients.

Industry Partners

Business Process Outsourcing services are expected to double in revenues over the next five years, and the opportunities for implementing BPO solutions across various markets and industries is virutally limitless. Industry Partners bring an expert knowledgebase to OutsourceBiz for a particular industry vertical or market segment. By working with our Industry Partners to gain in-depth knowledge of a particular sector or vertical, we are able to develop a viable strategy for creating new channels to market our BPO service offerings.

For more information on partnership opportunities at OutsourceBiz, please contact us at: partners@outsourcebiz.com

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