OutsourceBiz BPO Center

The centerpiece of our service offering is our BPO Center. Located in India, our BPO Center is open 6 days a week, 24 hours a day. The location of our BPO Center in India offers several key advantages:

  • Favorable economic currency exchange between India and U.S.
  • Access to an educated, highly-energized workforce
  • 12-hour time difference with U.S.: Business day in India starts as business day in U.S. ends
Since the early 1990's, India has emerged as a the premier location for offshore Business Process Outsourcing functions. Established U.S. Fortune 500 companies already outsource significant sections of their operations to areas throughout India.

BPO Center Security

Our BPO Center maintains strict confidentiality and security protocols:

  • All personnel are required to maintain picture ID badges when entering and leaving the facility
  • Each OutsourceBiz client has a dedicated team that works in a specific, designated area of the BPO Center
  • No media or paper is allowed into or out of facilities
  • Fax machines, telephones, scanners, and other electronic media transmission devices are accessible only to authorized management personnel

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